Women United in Christ is a Christian organization that strives to empower and unite all Women across their racial, cultural, and denominational backgrounds. It is a platform to inspire and motivate women to fulfill their God given callings and talents.

Every woman has dreams and goals. But often those dreams are repressed and unfulfilled due to unforeseen circumstances. Women United in Christ inspires women to see themselves through the eyes of their father; Taking pride in who He created them to be through the light of His word.

Meet the Founder

Women United in Christ was founded by Minister Delphine Ehui. She is a sister, a friend, a wife and a mother of three children. Delphine Ehui has mentored youth and young women in particular for years helping them discover their true identity in Christ. She has counseled and coached people to live a victorious Christian life. Her greatest satisfactions is serving the Lord and making a difference in people’s lives. She is a poet, a song writer, a worshiper of our Lord Jesus Christ.
In 2012, the vision for the organization was birthed out of a time of pressing to the Lord for matters that concern women. She felt that Christian women were still bound by negatives self-image and trapped behind toxic emotions that deter them from reaching their callings and their destinies. She also sensed that women were isolated behind the walls of their individual churches, shying away from a broader picture that God has for them. After time spent in fasting and seeking the Lord, He revealed to her that she is to initiate what she sees missing; uniting women and empowering them with the light of the word to reach their purposes and destinies. The Lord gave her a vision of a conference full of women of different races, cultures, denominations worshipping God and being set free.